Summer Time



We enjoyed our very first swim of the season as a family yesterday. This was Malachi’s first time in a pool. He loved it! We look forward to many more of these days on Kevin’s day off. On a different note, in May we celebrated a huge marking point in our marriage and family – Kevin graduated with his Master’s degree from Columbia International University (also where we both attended college). Let me just tell you how proud I was of him. Six and a half years, and 3 children later, this long road of steady plodding and perseverance has come to an end, though we have already began walking another one in Kevin’s fairly new position as Pastor of Community Life at The Wellcommunity church here in Augusta. We are thankful to be there and thankful for a new opportunity to have our faith stretched and to be able to serve a unique body of people.

















“Uncle Joe-Joe” has been with us throughout this whole journey. He’s been the faithful one to help us move to what seemed like a million different apartments and places, has helped with the kids and even came to graduation to cheer Kevin on! Love you Joe-Joe!