Weary World


“A thrill of hope, a weary world rejoices…”

Ah, a weary world. Today, we experienced its’ weariness – handing a local prostitute a hot cup of coffee and a granola bar, witnessing a drug deal in our front yard, hearing the ever-familiar “street story” of a woman begging for money to get to a hotel, a phone call from our homeless friend wanting a place to come for Christmas. Oh, weary world – a true need for Christmas is felt in our hearts this eve of Christmas day. The brokenness of mankind, the sting of sin watching those around us desperately cling to tradition, feed their want for more ,ordering a day around their own desires. We watch the hurting cry out around us for a thrill of hope – some light to lift their trodden feet from the darkness. It’s ok if it’s not a wonderful life ( a must-read today, if you can make time). But a thrill of hope, just a thrill to cause a weary world to rejoice! A weary mother birthing the Christ-child. The thrill that comes not from gifts or things or family – but from the hope of a Savior, come to deliver the weary world of something gone terribly wrong.

May you know and feel and bleed the thrill of hope as you plod on this common eve of Christmas, that a weary world my sing with hope and loose its’ chains soon and very soon. Come Lord Jesus!