Baby Update


005 Went in for my 37 week appointment today and to our surprise, baby Malachi is in a complete breech position – with his head directly up and his bottom right over my cervix. This is number 3 out of our 4 children who have been breech. One of them flipped at the very end into head down, the other didn’t and I ended up having my first c-section, remember? So…the plan is to wait another week until my next appointment and if our little guy hasn’t made the grand flip into head-down, then we will move forward with another c-section – this is for the safety of myself and the baby. We are so thankful for our doctor who helps us to make wise decisions. And we even got a little peek at Malachi today and the ultrasound tech said “Look at his chubby cheeks!”

I’ve learned so many different things during these times that seem out of my control and that go against what my plan would have been:

#1 – God’s plan is always better and He remains sovereign over every decision that is made

#2- People have their opinions about everything in the pregnancy/delivery/baby world but each person and story is unique and rather than debate over what’s “best” or most “natural” (because believe me, I prefer the “natural”), we need to be thankful for the medical care that is provided to us in this day and age

#3- What God asks of me, I will be able to endure and will find grace for the moment

#4- I will look back on all of my birth experiences one day and they will be seemingly small in comparison to God’s grand picture for my life so gratitude above all is an attitude to be cultivated


Overall, we are so thankful for a healthy pregnancy and baby within, what more could we as for? For now, we will wait and behold this advent season of an ordinary woman much like myself, who carried the Christ-child in her womb and brought forth the Savior who offered hope and peace!