30 and 7

This time of year is always so much fun for us because just about all of us have a birthday! I turned the big 30 this year and enjoyed a really sweet, quiet date to a quaint authentic Italian restaurant in downtown Aiken with Kevin-talking about the evidences of grace in my life. We also spent the day decorating for Christmas which is one of my favorite things to do. And, to top it off, a few days later, Kevin had a very sweet birthday dinner planned for me with all of my closest friends and some new ones too! He took care of all of the details and I just showed up, it was wonderful! I’m so thankful for 30 years of life. I don’t feel as if any of them have been wasted. Looking back, I can see God’s sanctifying footprints and I look forward to what this new decade will bring. A little while ago I wrote this blog post about something particularly freeing about growing in years. I’m so thankful…

004 30 years old, 9 months pregnant with #4 and married to my best friend for 8 and 1/2 years!

And following my birthday, comes our dear Ashtyn Grace’s birthday as well. 7! It’s hard to believe she is 7. Stepping back and looking upon her short life, she is growing up into such a sweet, grace-filled little girl. She has taught us so much as parents about compassion and kindness towards others. She plays a very special role of being the oldest and is blossoming so well in her God-given responsibility as “big  sister.” She is a cheerful helper and a humble learner. We love you Ashtyn!


We started off Ashtyn’s birthday morning with some hand-delivered donuts from Mimi and Papa, and opened presents.



For her birthday, Ashtyn got to choose one friend and got to “plan” her day (she loves planning things!) She chose her sweet friend, Molly and her best friends and sisters Jada and Ellie and off we went to the Build-A-Bear shop to pick out some new stuffy friends!







Playing on the indoor playground in the mall…


Singing Happy Birthday


Decorating their own cupcakes to eat…


And, licking frosting of course!