33 Weeks






Preggo Update

how far along: 33 weeks

size of baby: haven’t had an ultrasound since I was 19 weeks but the estimate is a little over 4 lbs now

total weight gain/loss: lets just say no weight loss here…but I’m at about a 25lb gain, not bad for baby #4!
maternity clothes: at this point very few things are comfortable anymore. the one thing I’de prefer to wear everyday (but don’t) are my yoga pants

movement: this little guy is pretty active and his sisters are always in awe when they feel or see him move in my belly

sleep: hasn’t been that bad yet other than the regular waking to empty the bladder and the side pain is just now beginning…
symptoms: heartburn is at it’s worst now, zantac is a daily must. oh…and did I say tired? what’s new…

what i miss: sleeping on my back and running, for sure

cravings: food isn’t really tempting me anymore due to the stomach-shoved-up-to-my-rib-cage scenario

what i am looking forward to: bending over, not being pregnant, getting started with yet another life transition, and seeing our family dynamic change for the good!