Our First Family Camping Experience


A couple of weeks ago we stole a weekend away at the lake to be together as family, to get away from the hum of the city and to plant ourselves in the middle of no-where to enjoy the calm of God’s creation. Not quite sure how this adventure would go, we were determined to laugh at whatever happened, even if that meant turning around and driving back home at midnight because our kids couldn’t sleep. To our delight, this first-ever over-night camping adventure with a near 2-year old, 4 year old, 6 year old and one very pregnant mama turned out to be a success!  We went canoeing….








pitched a tent (me and the toddler slept on an air mattress together so we weren’t exactly roughing it!)


Uncle Joe-Joe came along and taught us some fire-building skills. We had fun taking a “hike” to collect all of our fire wood.







Did lot’s of holding, hugging and loving our little girls…



Roasted hot dogs and marshmallows in the campfire…



and loved on this little gal’ who busted her lip a couple of days earlier…



and laughed at all the messes you make without a sink to wash your hands in…


and how can we forget the “ghost show” that our creative 1st grader entertained us with once it got dark out…




The weather was glorious, the view amazing. Maybe we will attempt it again with our 4th child in tow?