One of those days

Today has been one of those days….where I find myself slap in the middle of living life, and watching while it un-folds before me (and even now as a little one crawls onto my lap), I don’t want to forget these days that I sometimes wish away. A sinful, fallen world can be so frustrating at times because I know my weaknesses and my short-comings which seem to make me long more to escape and forget rather than to enjoy and remember these days when little people surround me and fill the house with life.

I walk this road of staying home, caring for my husband who gives his life to full-time ministry and schooling my children because it’s a calling. It’s a harder road, but it leads to mountain-tops and takes me through valleys where my heart is cleaned and refined. Today, amidst another “one of those days,” I remember to remember:

*to smell the pot of soup simmering in the crockpot

*to hold the petite little 4 year-old that climbs up into my lap

*to nurture the broken collar bone and offer compassion

*to smile at the grown up girl before me with the missing tooth

*to comfort the babe who is cutting 4 teeth

*to feel the growing infant within

*to bless the pregnant body that gives life

*to smile at the piles of toys around the house

*to listen to the noise that won’t always be here when children are grown up

*to stop and listen to the husband who seeks companionship in me

*and to trust the God who holds it all together anyway