Multitude Monday

holy experience

I’ve finally found my way back – able to steal a quiet moment (after a roaring time of transition) to reflect on the wealth of gifts poured out on us in the everyday mundane and not-so-mundane. I’ve never felt so tired in my life, but to forget God’s abundant grace and provision for us would be devastating. I press on realizing there is much to be grateful for…


*open doors

* and the courage to walk through them

*God’s timing –

*always perfect and good

*the plans HE has for us

*to give hope and a future

*Jeremiah 29:11 to anchor that truth

*ripe peaches

*new home

*for our growing family

*kind friends to ease the fatigue of moving

*moments to stop and take it all in

*sunshine like waterfalls exploding through our windows

*support raising = a time to trust

*hanging on for the ride

*letting go of things that bind me to the world

*flexible children and

*their amazing resilience towards life

*the angels that watch over tumbles down wood stairs

*the angels that soldier-guard our home

*God who orders them all

*replacing anxiety with prayer

*gift of a little BOY!

*his tumbles within

*stomach virus to remind me of my frailty

*little girls writing me notes of “I love you”

*husband who cared for me and the family during illness

*healing balm of a day’s eve in remembrance of where I fall short

*new grace for the day’s dawn to try again

*a new school year

*the privilege of teaching my children

*vibrant life that pulses our home

*routine that serves us all

*grocery run – just husband and I

*half way through my pregnancy

* first born’s first loose tooth