Boy or Girl?

I used to dream of having four boys. Now I have to laugh. And I couldn’t imagine my life any other way but with 3 girly, dancing, prancing, artsy, pink-loving girls! I’m thankful that God knows exactly what we need. I don’t think without my 3 princesses, I would be challenged and molded into the person God is making me to be.

And I just can’t help but wonder what this next little one within will be. Created from the beginning of time as a “perfect fit” for our family, I’m so glad that God knows what we need. And we can wait in peace (and even laugh at what others “think” we need!) knowing full well that our family of nearly 6 was hand-picked by the Creator of the universe. And boy or girl, we will love this little one with a tremendous love and with a heart that rests in the knowledge of God’s good and perfect plan for us.

Our BIG NEWS to be announced on Thursday, August 12th…