Multitude Monday and its’ Menu Musings

holy experience

*God’s leading

*a loving and supportive wife

* “sick days”

*faith that blazes the fire and

*comes out as pure gold

*husband to walk through it with

*old-fashioned popcorn with real butter

*the “yes mama” of a 1 year old

*and her little hand that reaches for mine

*un-eventful pre-natal appointment

*fierce hot days and a home that shelters

*teeny-tiny baby bump

*weekend away with Kevin

*the joy of being together

*a couple of breaks from “morning sickness”

*new job on the horizon and

*God’s hand in it all

*grandparents willing to keep our little ones

*a loving father in my dad

* a loving father in my husband

*his 31 years of life

* our 8 years of marriage written in grace

Jump over HERE for some yummy Swedish Meatballs which we enjoyed a while back and Picture of Swedish Meatballs Recipewill enjoy again tonight! They are especially yummy with Lingonberry sauce which we got at our latest trip to IKEA.