Scheduling: Challenges and Interruptions

Schedules sound great and they can look really great on paper, but what about when real life kicks in? You know, like 1st trimester BLAH has you puking in the toilet during school time or the kids get in a squabble or a neighbor knocks on the door? This is where it’s highly helpful to remember that schedules are for serving. They are a tool, a skeleton, a framework for the heartbeat of your family.

When working to create a schedule, it will be a dis-advantage to you if you have filled your schedule too full or have not allowed enough time for each task. The Maxwell’s help us to see that in doing so, “you feel pressured and rushed all day, perhaps even frantic and harried.  You will be pushing your family to keep up with the schedule. This is a most unpleasant way to live, for you and them. We are dependent on Jesus Christ, not a schedule.”

You can go ahead and set your self up for the fact that there will be challenges and interruptions – as is life. A little planning ahead of time (which I’m working on here!) can be helpful, such as dentist appointments and servicemen. Planning leeway time into your schedule can help to relieve pressure and allow for a more content, relaxed, “laid back” (if you will) household. If your child is sick, by all means – drop the schedule and take care of him! We want to be known as nurturing and loving and not rigid and tough! But….”dealing with interuptions that come into your days with preparedness will help the functioning of your home as you implement and use a daily schedule.”