The Teacher In You

I love what another fellow blogger has to say about why they have decided to homeschool their children. It sums up in such a good way, the number 1 reason we tell others (only when they ask of course) why we’ve chosen to school our kids at home for now.  People’s feathers tend to get ruffled a bit when it comes to this topic, so read for yourself from another (and another) who holds our same view…

We’ve already been homeschooling.
And, if you’re a parent, so have you! It isn’t so much that we want to embark on a completely new endeavor as it is that we just want to prolong the good thing we’ve got going. We educate our children, just by being with them, from the moment they are born. Like it or lump it, we are our children’s teachers. We just plan to make it official. Buy some curriculum. Fit ourselves a little bit into the Kindergarten through twelfth grade mold the world is expecting. Make sure we cover the important things we might miss if we were only just chilling with our kids. Hence the whole choosing a curriculum thing.

Kevin always explains it better than me, but every parent, like it or not, is a teacher. We often hear the “Well I’m just not a teacher” line and other similar comments. Oh, but you are. The mom who smokes a joint while her son glares at the t.v screen is “teaching” her child. Words or not, you teach just by being a presence. You teach through your words. You teach through your wise choices and your not-so-wise ones.  And if you don’t have children, you teach those in your life by being who you are, living out your life philosophy (good or bad) to a watching, desperate world. You, friend, are a teacher.

This is no ploy to talk you into schooling your own children. But perhaps it will make you think differently about your life, that it speaks volumes to everyone who see’s it. And whether you know it or not, you will teach. Lord, help my teacher blood to bleed forth the Gospel today…