A Day Worth Remembering

Today was filled with such beauty….and although I’m missing my camera desperately, I have these images engraved in my mind and I’m so, so grateful for these blessings, these gifts etched into my life:

*a morning out while Kev did school and entertained the girls

*listening to music other than veggie tales in the car

*finishing an entire cup of coffee while strolling through target on my own

*coming home to a wonderfully joyful husband and

*3 darling little girls

*eating an early dinner together as


*going out for ice cream and

*watching my little ones run around in the spring air with glee and giggles

*seeing Jada learn how to ride a “big girl” bike and

*watching her handsome daddy teach her

*playing with Ellie in the sandbox and

*watching those curious hands dig in the sand

*10 whole minutes with her on my lap watching the hermit crabs plow through the sand

*watching the kid’s wonder and awe over the praying hands in the plastic easter egg that

*remind us of Jesus’ cries in the Garden and the

*blood tears He shed on our behalf over the

*old rugged cross he bore

*holding all 3 of my babies on my lap individually

*cradling them and singing lullabies before bed

Oh, that these gifts might be forever etched on my heart as God writes the stories of our imperfect lives, perfectly receiving His love in the little things of every day…