Dig Deeper , Still

Dig deep, into the heart’s pillows of comfort and ease and beware of the  seeming sacrifice you feel has already been made to somehow dismiss you from an even greater one. A greater sacrifice. A deeper one. Sacrifice that might hurt a little more deeply and possess the potential of wounding those close by in order that the wounded One, the marred One might be lifted higher.

The city trenches seem a sort of ardent idea to the many watching eyes that sit restless in the haunting fear of the unknown. But to so many more, and to the real heroes who walk the real trenches, these here trenches are merely a mural of comfort laughed upon as if in a far off place– one, for them, never to be reached in a life-time.   That we, like them, might “put our lives on the line, his line, against the onrush of chaos” (Dale Aukerman).

What then, is it that might push us deep and long and wide? Even in the most uncomfortable of places, we nestle down and find ease in the mere filth. The appearance of great sacrifice that applauds the man, and not the God-man is no great sacrifice after all. Living next door to a murderer, a drug dealer, a lost layman carries the great hazard of stealing greater sacrifice than it truly is when ripped raw after man’s pride and self-exult is stripped away.  Our eyes must look to see beyond our little kingdoms to the nations and the people and the places that have yet to see the light. And oh, for an ounce of courage to stare fear in the face and to breathe in its’ stench and not be consumed!

Lord give us grace that we might not think upon ourselves as making any great sacrifice until we are willing to dig deeper to find that one sacrifice that hurts a little bit more. Get a name for yourself!