Fat Quarter Happiness

I love fat quarters. They are these adorable, in-expensive “little” wads of fabric that fit in your hand. I’ve always had a fascination for little things – and I think I especially like fat quarters because they don’t overwhelm me like 3 yards of fabric overwhelms me. I took a little trip the an adorable quilt shop a few blocks from our house and found some adorable Amy Butler fat quarters that I couldn’t pass up. And then my brain started going – wondering if I could come up with some dresses to make out of these nifty pieces of fabric. I went to work….and an hour later came up with 3 adorable “pillowcase” dresses (the latest thing  in children’s fashion it seems). And since these dresses are out of our budget at the boutiques (they often go for around $50 a piece), I happily discovered that for $15, I made 3 dresses! Not bad.  And since I don’t consider myself a skilled seamstress (remember?), this type of project is nice and simple, just the way I like it. So here’s what you can do with 2 fat quarters…

1. Make a cute little curtain



2. Or a nifty pillow case


3. Or an adorable little dress that turns into a cute top when your little one grows!


and…..take the leftover scraps and make a matching hair accessory.



Be careful, it’s slightly addicting…