SEW Fun!

168 Today for part of the day while pastor-husband held down the fort(thanks babe!) and even did homeschool stuff with the kids,  I packed up my new Singer sewing machine that my parents surprised me with for Christmas, to go to a very dear friend’s house to sew together. How fun! Suz and I have had many heart-to-hearts about how using the gifts God has given us and the loves He’s put within our hearts is a form of Worship. Worship doesn’t always look like the classic “sitting in the pew and singing songs” but rather, we worship God in the everyday of life and through the gifts He’s woven into our beings – to be a beautiful reflection of our Creator God. But that’s a whole other post…

I mainly enjoy posting things like this – such as sewing and the like, not to rant and rave about how creative I am (because I’m not an excellent seamstress anyway) but rather – so that my sweet little girls will one day have a glimpse into my life as to what it looked like to be a young wife and mom raising 3 little ones. I know they will appreciate it when they are moms one day – to see how it’s possible to still do things you love despite the business and even be thrifty in the process. I made 4 skirts total – 2 for the girls and 2 matching ones for their dolls – all for $10 which makes it even more fun!

And, I walked away from today feeling full – from a friendship that has blessed me in ways I could never put in adequate enough words. We laughed, we sewed, we ate warm, homemade pot-pie and spinach and strawberry salad (incredible Suzy!), we laughed some more, sewed some more and chatted about our not-so-perfect walks with the Lord, and walked away full – from a sweet friendship and fellowship all while doing something we loved that also brought glory to the Lord. There is such beauty in living and communing along side oneanother as women in this journey of life. And we’ve already got our February sewing date scheduled and put on the calendar. It couldn’t come sooner!