Christmas Lights

We enjoyed trekking out to the “country” last night to see thousands upon thousands of Christmas lights with family and some fun friends. I love watching the girls as they get a little older. Their excitement grows with each year – especially at that “little” things like Christmas lights. Ellie enjoyed it too, pointing to all the various lights as we road on the tractor keeping each other warm. And on a side not, she had her tubes put in this morning and did wonderful! Her doctor assured us that it was, indeed, the right decision for her as both of her ears were badly infected went he went in them today. We are so thankful for such good care and for the Lord’s gracious protection on Ellie. She sat in her little hospital gown like a champ and was the “coffee” of all the nurses morning. She was waving and talking while we waited for her turn and brought smiles to many people’s faces. She was really angry and upset and confused after she came out of the anesthesia but she settled down as the day progressed, slept alot and is finally back to the old, happy Ellie we know and love.