A Grateful heart…

This thanksgiving, our hearts are full. Thousands imageupon thousands of common bushes afire with God. Too many to write here but these are just a few. A few of the generous gifts of love God has bestowed upon us woven into the “every day” of life’s seemingly small things…

1.God’s written word

2.music that stirs the soul

3. a softened heart

4. trickling rain

5. my long-suffering wife

6. good books

7. a roof over our heads

8. God’s faithfulness to His people

9.talking with God

10. caring friends

11. baby laughs

12. warm food on a wet, cold day

13. coming home

14.trusting in God

15.cute kids that make me laugh

16. a wise wife

17.sunshine spilling through the windows

18. warm coffee and cream

19. Great in-laws

20. Jada’s love for her friend

21. rest

22.dates with the man I love and adore

23.time with family

24.quiet nights after the girls are in bed

25.cool evenings

26.slow saturday mornings


28.dinner with the girls

29. reading God’s Word with the girls

30. preparing my heart for the Sabbath

31. answered prayer

32. God’s Word

33. my sweet, precious little girls

34. God’s sovereignty

35. God is my portion

36. new life

37. hope of heaven

38. sleep

39. good books

40. time with Tara

41. being loved by God our Father

42. ministering alongside my wife

43. Gods work in the world

44. Time with good friends

45. dates with my daughters

46. learning

47. washing machine

48. roof over my head

49. my husband – my best friend

50. a happy baby

51. the privilege to be teacher to my girls

52. a hard-working husband

53. a tender caring husband and father to my children

54. organization

55. God-my shepherd

56. the love of God so rich and free

57. seeing beauty in my body

58. joy in the outdoors

59. edifying conversations with friends

60. my husband’s sense of humor

61. ice in my water

62. cool Fall days

63. vibrant yellow leaves

64. color

65. errands with Ashtyn

66.God who is mighty to save

67. fashion

68. health

69. hope

70. 29 years of life




Happy Thanksgiving from all of us…

November 26, 2009