silence and solitude final reflections

As this day all-to-quickly comes to a close, ( I honestly thought it would go by slow but it hasn’t!) there is no doubt that I’m bracing myself to go back to my fabulously noisy, fun-but- wearisome, full-of-energy “little” world. Times of silence and solitude is not a moment-by-moment reality but today has taught me that it’s something both Kevin and I need regularly in our lives. So we will fight for it. And I look forward to many more of these times to come…


For now, I brace myself, and look foward to re-entering the beautiful noise God has planted me in. But I’m human, so already I’m growing “tired” as I think about entering back into the tire-some routine. Kevin handed me this article for my time today, and so I leave you with it as well…And I’m thankful. Thankful for this God-ordained day when I thought “my plans” consisted of going to help a friend who has had to embrace a very tragic time in her life. God knew all along that this day would beautifully fit into the plan He’s orchestrating in my life.