A Hospital Visit


Yes. You heard me right. We’ve just recently experienced a hospital visit. The other day I heard two distraught little girls run in to the kitchen to tell me that Samantha’s head fell off. You should have seen the looks on their faces. It was like pure tragedy had struck us and those 4 hazel eyes were looking straight into mine pleading for help.


Samantha is my childhood doll from this wonderful company. They’re a classic for making little girl’s imaginations soar. I remember playing with my Samantha doll with my childhood buddy growing up. And now I get to watch my little girls enjoy her as well.


I knew I had to do something when I saw her head in one hand and body in another. And what do you know? This company actually has a doll hospital where you can mail your “sick” doll and she returns home – hospital gown, balloon and hospital bracelet and all! A girl’s dream come true…And it was worth every penny.


The girl’s prepared for her arrival by making a welcome home sign and wrapping gifts for Samantha – the 3 weeks of waiting nearly killed them. It was a happy day when she was dropped at our doorstep…