Pointing their hearts to the nations

imageIf you read, or listened to Pastor Piper’s encouraging words to parents yesterday, you may have caught the vision that, if we love Jesus, we are obligated to raise our children to have a heart for the nations.

If she  totally circumscribed by her little home—with no vision for the world—then I think her domestic scene is probably going to shrivel up on her, and she is going to feel that it is small and constraining. But if she sees it in the wider context of what she is a part of in the missionary enterprise, I think every detail of her life can take on a global significance, indeed, an historical significance.

There have been times in my own years of parenting when I’ve been tempted to grumble and complain over the 800 Sq. foot apartment we lived in or the 100 year old home we presently live in with quirky living space and “old home” woes.  I can speak testimony to the words that Piper has to offer us moms. It’s only when I take my eyes off of my circumstances and what I think I don’t have, that my heart softens to the reality of God’s love for the greater nations. And what a treasure it is when we can pass on that vision to our precious children and dream dreams for them to one day love and serve Jesus in the bustling streets of China or in the quaint, rural town of the Dominican Republic.

We  need to let go of the American dreams we hold on to so dearly for our children – for health and wealth and prosperity. And when we do, we will help them to understand that America stands just as in need as the countries across the sea. It is then, that they will live with purpose and with their hearts pointed to the nations.

We as moms have great opportunity each day to help our children grasp an understanding of the vastness of this world and its’ need for Jesus, remember? And another great resource for implementing a world vision into our families is the Global Prayer Digest which we’ve just recently signed up to receive. And one last thing, hop on over to the WorldCrafts Village to get some of your Christmas shopping done for a wonderful cause. All of the items you purchase help to:

Assist more than 60 artisan groups (women and men) around the world who live in poverty in providing for their families.

and to

Support artisan groups while buying meaningful gifts for your family and friends.

What a reminder it would be to have little treasures all around your home from different countries to help us to set our thoughts and prayers on God’s world.

May the Lord honor your efforts as you point the hearts of those He’s entrusted to you to the nations.