October. Not only is this one of my favorite months because it marks the beginning of Fall (my favorite season), but it also marks the start of image

I’m particularly passionate about this because my grandmother is a breast cancer survivor (love you Grammie!). Cancer is one of the few deathly illnesses that still possesses no cure. I can’t help but think about God in something like cancer. Because God is greater than even a sickness that is completely out of the control of any human hands.

I’m studying the book of Job right now and Frances Poston Bennett reminds us that “it is so easy for us to misunderstand hardships [sickness, cancer etc.] and to conclude, as Job did, that God himself is shooting arrows at us. As proof of His love and to correct this error, Jesus Christ demonstrated with His own life that God sends those He loves into important but difficult battles.”

The world will tell us we can “beat the odds” and we can do everything in our power to fight against a sickness such as breast cancer. But we musn’t forget that in all actuality we are powerless and it is God who is mighty to save! Sickness or not, nothing can ever happen without passing through His hands.

So let us remember those whom breast cancer has become a reality to and those whose lives were taken as a result. And let us be thankful for the lives God has spared as well.  In the midst of opening our eyes to the reality and harshness of this world let us ask ourselves if God is worth more to us than “stuff” and even life itself.

Is He worth more to me than even my skin?