Resources for gain

Over the past several years I feel like I’ve been mentored by some of the most incredible people by way of reading and listening. Of course the Bible will always remain my main source of spiritual growth but we live in a culture that is blessed to be technologically advanced. And we live amongst a huge wealth of resources – Godly resources – here in America. I hope you are taking advantage of the rich wisdom God has placed before you. In my journey of being a wife and mom, many of these resources have been my help and guide. My prayer is that they will be the same to you.  And I also pray that my 3 daughters will one day learn from some of the same hero’s of mine.

And just to give ourselves a reality check here – “who in the world has time to read and listen to sermons?” you might ask. Depending on which season of life you are in – your reading and listening consumption will look different. But let me gently urge you to take a close look at those things in your life that are time fillers or time wasters. You know, the time you spend surfing the internet for meaningless stuff that isn’t pointing you to Christ, the hobby’s you pursue that distract you from your relationship with the Lord and the other ways in which you fill time throughout your day that could be replaced with something more beneficial that might spur you on towards godliness. We are all a work in progress and we need to regularly be examining our lives to rid ourselves of the things that distract. Even if you can replace 10 minutes of everyday with reading a part of a book or listening to a sermon, that’s over an hour a week that you have gained opening your heart to something God may have for you. I take advantage of listening to sermons while running, reading for 20 minutes before bed everynight and going to only blogs and websites that I know will encourage me in my walk with the Lord (I’m still working on narrowing that list to gain some otherwise wasted time surfing the net.) You probably get the point by now. But I encourage you to not let technology (t.v, internet, even music) become a distraction. Rather let it serve you and be a channel of grace that God uses to awaken your heart-so-easily-grown-cold. When you are intentional you can be sure God will show up.

This list will be added to over the course of time and should be a good start and should make for some great Christmas gifts!


“This Momentary Marriage” – John Piper

“Marriage, Christ, and Covenant” (dvd series) -John Piper

“God, Marriage and Family” -Andreas J. Kostenberger

Peasant Princess Sermon series – Mark Driscoll

“Rekindling The Romance” – Dennis&Barbara Rainey

“A Celebration of Sex” -Dr. Douglas E. Rosenau

“Sacred Marriage” – Garry Thomas

“What’s the Difference?” –John Piper

“Intimate Issues” dvd series -Dillow, Pintus and Rainey

“Sex, Romance and the Glory of God” – CJ Mahaney

“Not Even a Hint” – Joshua Harris

“Somebody’s Daughter” dvd (on pornography and sexual purity)

“Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood” –John Piper, Wayne Grudam


“Instructing a Child’s Heart” – Tedd Tripp

“Shepherding a Child’s Heart” – Tedd Trip

“Don’t Make Me Count to Three!” Ginger Plowman

“Girl Talk” –Carolyn Mahaney (on raising girls)

“Bringing Up Boys” James Dobson (on raising boys)

“Babywise” and “Childwise” – Ezzo and Bucknam

Wife & Homemaking

“Creative Counterpart”- Linda Dillow

Shopping For Time” – Carolyn Mahaney

“A Mother’s Heart” –Jean Fleming

“The Excellent Wife” –Martha Peace

“Fearlessly Feminine”- Jani Ortlund

“Disciplines of a Godly Woman” – Barbara Hughes

“The Hidden Art of Homemaking”- Edith Schaeffer

“Faithful Women and their Extraordinary God” –Noel Piper

“Treasuring God in our Traditions” –Noel Piper

“Mothers of the Wise and Good” – Jabez Burns

“Feminine Appeal” – Carolyn Mahaney

“The Ministry of Motherhood” –Sally Clarkson

“Let Me Be a Woman” – Elisabeth Elliot

“Radical Womanhood” – Carolyn McCulley

Spiritual Growth

“No Little People” –Francis Schaeffer

“The God Who is There” – Francis Schaeffer

“The Mark of a Christian” – Francis Schaeffer

“Mere Christianity” –CS Lewis

“The Great Divorce” –CS Lewis

“In Christ Alone” -Sinclair Ferguson

“Desiring God”- John Piper

“Future Grace” – John Piper

“Let the Nations Be Glad”-John Piper

“Prodigal God” –Tim Keller

“Twelve Extraordinary Women” John McArthur

“Becoming God’s True Woman” –Nancy Leigh DeMoss

“Ten Questions to Diagnose Your Spiritual Health” –Donald S. Whitney

“How You can be sure you are a Christian” –Bill Bright

“The Valley Of Vision”edited by Arthur Bennett (available in both book and dvd format)

“The Good Life” – Chuck Colson

“Chameleon Christianity” – Dick Keyes

Home Education (this list of books changed our lives and our outlook on educating our own children. They are must reads even if you don’t plan on doing home education)

“School Education” – Charlotte M. Mason

“For The Children’s Sake” Susan Schaeffer Macaulay

“When Children Love to Learn” Elaine Cooper

“Honey For a Child’s Heart” Glady’s Hunt (filled with tons of good book titles to read to your children)

“The Well-Trained Mind” Susan Wise Bauer and Jessie Wise


A Christian Home


Passionate Homemaking

Christ Is Deeper Still

Desiring God

Mars Hill

Holy Experience

Pre-Schoolers And Peace

Start Your Family

Simply Charlotte Mason

Titus 2

Living Books Curriculum

Sonlight Curriculum

Well Trained Mind

Voice Of Martyrs

Be Thinking


Family Life

Ransom Fellowship

Ravi Zacharias

Living Spiritually

Christian Heritage