Down for the count and other randomness

Apparently this new school year season has been called “crazy” by all of the doctors  around town. We’ve been told by 2 doctor friends that the amount of sickness that’s exploded since school started is “unreal” and unlike anything seen in the past. And we are reaping the effects, we’re down for the count. Ellie came down with a fever this past Wednesday, Jada on Friday and Ashtyn yesterday. I’ve been busy handing out popsicles, holding cold rags on foreheads, hugging sick little girls, reading books, playing movies and handing out medicine. Nevermind the fact this was my third week out of Church with at least one sick one. We’re surviving even though Kevin and I have started to feel a little “under the weather” today. But it could be worse and we are thankful to be enjoying one another and getting to spend a little extra time with Kevin who has a day off tomorrow. We are also thankful that we are getting all of this sickness out of the way before our vacation next week. God is gracious.



On a different note, we are enjoying watching God work in Ashtyn’s heart. Believe me, there are days when we wonder if He’s doing anything at all in her but as of late, we’ve been encouraged at the little ways He is present in her life. Yesterday, she she asked me “Is there anything I can do to help you mama?”  She cleaned her room, made her bed, put her clothes away and made cards for people all on her own initiative. And the other night as Kevin and I were getting ready for bed, we found these under our pillows:





It almost brought tears to my eyes to think that, out of love, she thought about us and wanted to do something on her own initiative to show us her love in 5 year old terms. These are the kind of things that make it all worth it!

We’ve also been having a blast with school over the past few weeks. We got to study tree’s and went outdoors to do bark rubbings and see how old the tree was that fell on our roof a while back by counting its’ rings. We walked down the street and looked for life in the trees as well.







We also learned about Africa the other day and focused in on Tanzania where we sponsor a little girl through Compassion International. It was neat for the girls to be able to learn more about the country that she lives in, the food she eats, etc. That night for dinner we ate “Tanzanian style” on the floor and eating with our fingers (which didn’t last long with our girls who hate messes) and we listened to some ethnic music and ate a Tanzanian dessert (sort of).




We’ve also had fun making Gooey Gunk (thanks Sara!). This stuff is really cool. Making it is like a science experiment and you can store it for hours of fun afterwards. It’s now  one of the girl’s favorite things to do and I’ll admit, I couldn’t take my hands off of it either!


And last, our sweet little Jada is now terrified of thunderstorms. How can you blame her after she has experienced two tree’s falling on/around her house ( a 3 year old’s nightmare!) in the last two months? So one Sunday when she was oh-so-tired but scared to fall asleep because of the “funder”, she couldn’t hold out any longer and this is how we found her…


Yes, really sleeping but with her hands over her ears!

Overall, life really is such a blessing here in the Figgin’s household. Day in and day out, as we walk with Jesus and go through the daily grind, we find there is joy in sickness, joy in learning and just plain joy when life happens. We are just so thankful…