Blogging with purpose: part 3

I love blogging. I’ve always loved journaling and recording things, so when blogging came around, I knew it was for me. The main reason I love it, is it is a quick, easy, and cheap way to keep a journal of our family life for our children when they grow older. I plan on giving each of them a printed out copy of our entire blog when/if they get married one day.

As with all good things in life, the good can easily become bad simply due to our sinful natures. I often dwell on the things I love most in life and the things that bring me joy to make sure they line up with God’s definition of what’s “good and honorable and pure and right.” That’s how this “Blogging With Purpose” series came about.  All the people I love and respect most who have blogs for the rest of the world to see (because, afterall, you are opening up your personal world to anyone’s viewing pleasure), are incredibly and inspirationally intentional about how and what they write about. It reflects their heart – you can see the “real” human side of them as well as the fact that there is something remarkably different about them, that is, Christ living in them.

I came across this well put reminder the other day and I think you will appreciate it as much as I did:

LIVE life. Live it and stop trying to blog about it. Don’t get me wrong, dear reader. The aforementioned blogs are inspirational and lovely. These are people who have time and have the lives to make the time, and most of all, have the passion to blog about the things that they do. You’ll get no judgement here. These blogs are good things. Right things. But I think I may be having a competition with myself. I think I may be thinking so much about what a cute blog post a moment of the day would make, that I miss the moment. I think I may be a lacking the gift of multi-tasking. And while it is likely that God gave us blogs and blogs aren’t bad, it is certain that God gave me my children and my husband, and they should be my focus. So instead of blogging about my perfect life…I will (occasionally) blog about my real life. This will be illustrated by fewer blog posts, because my real life often keeps me from blogging. I will blog about the coupled colors of the brinded cow–my cow is not pure milky white, it is splotchy. I will not covet other people’s lives, talents or menus. I am taking a break. I will blog when it’s convenient. I will blog the truth, not just the cute. I will tell you about the fickle and freckled things that lead me to the cross and that really, to be honest, define my daily living. And I will live, oh reader. I will Live with a capital L this less-than-perfect, lovely, god-breathed, precious, wouldn’t-trade-it-for-anything, (except maybe the ability…motivation?… to grind my own wheat berries) incredible life for the time I have now.