The why of schooling at home

I’ll be honest. I’ve dreaded this post. I promised it a long time ago and I’ve been avoiding it in fear of being mis-judged, mis-understood and viewed as the person who shakes a finger at those who have chosen a different path for their child’s education. This is going to be short and sweet and it is my prayer that you know our family does not stand in judgement of you or anyone else who chooses something different. But we do stand before a God who expects us to obey Him and to “go against the grain” of our culture at times in order to be a voice for the children who are the next generation.

The reason why we chose to home school is simple. For this moment in time, we believe God has called us to it. And just as God has called the missionary to take the Gospel to the native in the jungle, He has called us in this season of our lives to walk alongside the little people He has blessed us with- education and all. Susan Schaeffer Macaulay say’s it best in her book “For The Children’s Sake,”

If Christianity is indeed true, then every last little child matters. Bright to dull, privileged or from any variety of troubled background, each is valuable. Persons Matter. Let us really and truely be courageous. Much of what follows goes against the daily pattern of most lives. It’s interesting to read about, but it will remain as so many words on a page if we cannot do what we know is right. One day we will stand before the Creator. Were we willing to give, serve, and sacrifice ‘for the children’s sake?’

And this, my friends, is why we’ve chosen to school at home. We don’t know the way, but we know our Guide. And He’s faithful, O so faithful…