Our family enjoyed a get away in North Georgia with the staff from Christ Community Health Services where Kevin works. The girl’s had a blast, especially tubing down the river with daddy and they loved just chasing their friends around (there were over 20 kids in all!) in the woods and looking at bugs and fishing in the pond. Ellie was a trooper and didn’t complain once about her new surroundings. We came back a little tired since this was still work for Kevin but thankful for a chance to get away from the routine of daily life in the Figgin’s household. In fact, we are planning another get away soon just for our little family because we realized just how important it is…

007 My good lookin’ man in deep thought


Sleeping the car ride away  (these girls did amazing in the car with only a few books and some music!)

008Ellie was happy as a clam the entire trip up and back!


AG lovin’ the tree swing


Enjoying our great weather!

005 All 5 of us!


CCHS crew minus a few who left early