Another Close Call

We’ve loved recalling God’s faithfulness and protection over our family since our move to center-city Augusta 3 years ago.  There have been a few“close calls” as we’ve stared danger in the face. And each time we come through safe once again, we smile at God’s faithfulness to our family. He who called us here is faithful and what great opportunities for the girl’s to recount his faithfulness to us as well. During a storm last week (hail and 75 mph winds), a tree fell on our house and nearly crushed our car – the one we depend on for family transportation – but also the one that was given to us as a clear gift from the Lord! The car was saved by a magnolia tree and our house literally went un-damaged with just a piece of wood knocked off our porch – amazing! It was neat to see our neighbors concern and care for us in a time of trouble – specifically a neighbor whom we’ve been asking God to open doors for an opportunity to share the Gospel with.  Even greater still, as I sat on the bathroom floor with my 3 baby girls (wondering if a tornado was coming through and having no tv to warn us with!), we sang “My God is so BIG” together and talked about how God is bigger than storms and how He is our shelter in times of storm. And once again (this is the second tree to fall in 2 months) we smile at God’s hand on us…