Creativity is messy

022 I love being creative – and being creative means there will be messes. Ashtyn had one of her good buddy’s over to play the other day, and boy did they make a mess. I have to admit, my first impulse was to jump up and get upset over it and demand that they clean it up. I paused, bit my tongue and as I did my heart warmed and I laughed with my friend who was spending the morning with me and who’s daughter was playing with mine. We laughed together at what fun little girls are… because one day,  we will look back and miss these messes. My friend graciously helped me clean up the glitter which was everywhere in the house (it even ended up in Ellie’s hair who was in the other room)  I’m thankful for creative little girls who love glitter and glue and paint and I hope the next time they make a creative mess, I can smile to myself once more.