9 Month Stats


Our sweet girl had her 9 month check-up today. We weren’t surprised at all  when we discovered that she is in the 8th percentile for her weight and the (ready for this?) 2nd percentile for her height. Her head is the biggest thing on her tiny and adorable self settling in at the 62nd percentile! She’s gonna be a smarty… Doc said everything looks great and he kept telling us over and over again what a sweet baby she is. We whole-heartedly agree!

I had another vivid reminder of God’s hand on little Ellie’s life today with a near-choking incident. She was happily playing in her crib during “room-time” and I heard her gag and ran in there to find her vomiting(or trying to anyway). Having done this before when J was a baby, I whacked her on the back and looked in her throat and saw two big pieces of a plastic-like sticker lodged in her throat. I performed a side-swipe a couple of times and was able to get everything out. It’s during times like these, when I’m reminded that God is sovereign and he cares about our little ones even more than we do. While we can’t be in control of every detail or be at our children’s side at every second, God fills that gap for us. I’m so thankful…