The old becomes new

Don’t you just love when something old can become something new? I do. And I’ve been having a lot of fun over the past weeks using my creative energy to take what I have around the house and try and turn it into something NEW…

Scrabble Pendant necklaces – you can find the instructions to this project on our “project wishlist” on the sidebar. I plan on using these for Christmas gifts this year and rather than sticking to only the necklace, I decided to try some pendant earrings and they turned out really cute too…




021 (disregard the un-matching earrings and raggy t-shirt! )


Chick Applique and Ruffle Capris– I’ve fallen in love with this chick print that I traced from some paintings in Ellie’s nursery and I had an old target dress that I cut up and decided to create something out of. For the capri’s, I took an old pair of Ashtyn’s jeans that were too short and trimmed them and added a ruffle to the bottom with my sewing machine for an adorable capri-style pant. Voila! Instant boutique-style cuteness for not even a penny!



Roll-Up Kitchen Playmat– Finally, I completed this project for a friend who generously offered to sew me some dresses for my girls. It turned out so cute- I embroidered some words on the sink and the stove switches to add some more cuteness and I think I’m going to work on a couple of felt fruits/veggies to go along with it. Again, I used scraps of fabric that I already had in my stash…





Krinkle Taggie Toys

With Ellie’s love of plastic and wrappers and the like – I took some scrap fabric and pieces of ribbon and a left-over pretzel bag and went to town at an adorable little taggie square (pretzel bag inside of the fabric!) She loves the krinkle sound and loves to suck on the tags as well. I made some more out of an old pair of jeans and some other fabric for Ellie’s little boy buddies and purposefully left them crooked for a more fun and playful look – afterall, who wants everything stream-line in life, right?