Close call for tiger

Meet Tiger.  He’s our proudly won goldfish from the 025 4th of July festival. We swore we wouldn’t have any more pets until we move into a larger place so we compromised and said yes to a goldfish. A and J were dying to pin their affections on something so Tiger gets lots of love.  Imagine their devastation this morning while I was cleaning out Tiger’s vase fishbowl when, all of the sudden, Tiger seemed to leap right out of his comfy home into their bathroom sink flopping all around without water getting dangerously too close to the drain. These are the types of drama’s with kids in the house that you just don’t plan for.  A let out a shriek, covered her eyes and ran out of the room because her little compassionate heart just couldn’t handle the fish on his death bed.  J stood at my side paralyzed with disbelief at what was happening  and just stood there with her jaw dropped.  I stared for a second at dumb poor Tiger and ran to get a spoon from the Kitchen. I ran back, Tiger in the meanwhile squirming and drying out and,  and me nearly puking(because I DON’T like fish) scooped his squishy body up onto the spoon and flung him back into his cozy home. Phew! Instantly I became a hero and as quick as it all happened, life went right back to normal just like that. Drama over. And yes, the photo above is a picture of Tiger. I figured he deserved to be photographed since he had such a close call!