Blogging With Purpose

Kevin and I often have conversations on blogging and the blog “world.”  It’s amazing to think that these things never even existed a mere couple of years ago. As believers, all that we do and say needs to have purpose. And as we’ve started working on the Westminster Catechism with our girls they would tell you that “Man’s primary purpose is to glorify God and to enjoy him forever.”  When I read this news today, I was so saddened for this family.  And as I sat here at our computer thinking about the tragedy, I felt the emptiness of those words that this person’s sister left in her honor. She has become a sort of crafting icon to many bloggers out there but that was it, it stopped there.  I don’t know this person personally but through reading her blog I only know that she liked to create things.  I did find out that she was not a believer and, although she was an extremely talented person,  – she was a mormon and so, naturally, she did not strive to bring glory to her maker which is an expected behavior from someone who does not know and love Jesus.  But me?  My very reason for living is to reflect Jesus and so if that is true than even in my blogging, my time should not be wasted in creating some sort of an internet personality, something like a game to be played that puts the focus on me and how great I am and what my achievements are.  Sometimes there is a tendency for competition amongst blogging believers to see who will earn the greatest popularity or the most comments or the largest number of hits to their blog. Shame on us for stealing the glory from whom it’s due.

So with that said, is “blogging for fun” wrong? We don’t think so. For some it may be a hobby, and for others just a creative outlet and that’s ok. We can have contests and give great crafting tutorials(both of which I love myself!).  We can post a favorite quote or a favorite song or even pictures of our families.  But in all that we do,  we should do it as unto the Lord. Yes, even in blogging. This doesn’t mean we should over-spiritualize every little thing or that every post needs to be some mini-devotion for the day, but perhaps it does mean that people might be able to have a peak into our real lives in order that they have a chance to see Christ reflected in and through us.

Kevin and I began our blog with the primary purpose of documenting the reality of life and Christian living so that one day our children can look back and see God’s footprints in our lives and in our family – even down to the very meal I cooked for dinner  on a given night. We want our girls to see how we “did life” and what we thought about certain things.  We want them to see the memories and the fun things, how we decorated our home and, most of all, how Jesus was woven into all of the above.  Even the mundane in life is redeeming work and we model the Gospel through the things we create, our responses to circumstances, the things we find joy in and even in cleaning toilets and changing diapers.  It’s about the supremacy of Christ in all things.  Kevin and I debated whether or not to make our blog public, with the caution that we would create something that only brought glory to ourselves or made our family look like the “all american, happy, perfect family” which would be a horrible mistake. Happy? Yes we are, but our happiness doesn’t come from the worth we build for ourselves. It comes from giving and pouring out and taking the hit and being the “bad guy” and the un-popular person who doesn’t get recognition sometimes.  So let us not get our feather’s ruffled too much but let us rather be reminded of what our lives should reflect. If we are bloggers, we should be bloggers with purpose so that when our days on this earth are over, we won’t be remembered for what we did, or even how we did it but that we will be remembered for how, in the midst of the doing and living life, we helped to lift the eyes of others to the one Creator, God.  Afterall, He is the reason we can write and cook and sew and teach and design and be doctors and lawyers and counselors and construction workers and ______ (you fill in the blank).  All glory and honor be to Him!

How about you? How do you seek to bring honor to God through your blogging? What are some practical ways that you incorporate the “everyday” things with purpose and intentionality? What are your feelings about the blogging world and whether or not blogs should have a purpose if authored by Christians? To foster a community of humility and gleaning from other’s wisdom, comment away… 🙂