Little House On The Prairie

These last couple of weeks we have truly been living like Little House folk. It’s a constant joke in the family as my brother likes to call us the “Little House On The Prairie” because we don’t have a t.v. in our house and after a huge storm that took out a giant tree in our back yard that  nearly came through our roof (and took down our fence and our phone lines and power), it has been 2 and a half weeks for us without internet as well. For a few days as well, we were without power, internet, phone, t.v and air conditioning in the 90 degree weather (a separate issue) and I’m tired of living the prairie  life and glad to be back in the blogosphere although I am grateful for the re-checking of priorities. It always amazes me how much technology can consume my time if I’m not careful and how much the heat exposes sin in my heart. Anyway, I’ve got ALOT of blogging to do. Hang on for the ride. I’m glad to be back.