Simplifying Your Life

image You are looking at a picture of some of the most dearest friends in Kevin and I’s life.  They have walked with us through life’s challenges and triumphed with us in its’ joys.  They are some of the most sacrificial, humble, faithful and kindhearted people we know.  Their love for the Lord and their deep and abiding trust in Him is contagious.  They have 3 darling children and love each other deeply as reflected in their marriage.  They are not perfect but they seem to become more and more like Jesus with each passing season. Sara is a pastor’s wife, homeschooling ,triathalon finishing, organic eating gal who loves the outdoors and sews like a mad woman!   So I could not have chosen anyone more qualified then my dear friend Sara to begin our mini-series on simplifying your life in a fast paced, busy, and cluttered culture.  Sit back and glean from a godly woman who lives out simplicity in her life:

I find that my emotions sometimes fool me into thinking I am behind in things (laundry, school, meals, you name it) when really it’s just an ongoing thing.  You know how it is, laundry will never be finished, but being task-oriented, I “feel” like I need to conquer it until it’s complete.  At least when I have pre-prayed about & pre-planned our week, I do not “feel” quite like the hamster on a hamster wheel.  And when I am beginning to “feel” that way, I am able to claim the truth and rest in Christ’s peace that He is my helper & things will get done as they need to be.  One of the things I like the least about the times I have not planned or prayed for the week is that I tend to forget to minister to someone or pray for someone outside the home, or inside for that matter, because I get all wrapped up in myself & the ever unending list of to do’s that I’d like to accomplish or feel I need to.  I have even gone a whole day without sitting down with the kids just to be with them (not for school) or call Tom just to say hi or pause & talk to the Lord.  So those times I am cohabitating, but not communing.  I am busy serving, which do not get me wrong, is our ministry, joy & calling!, but in my sin I can at times get caught up in serving and neglect the hearts of those I am serving!  Charles Spurgeon once said…”We ought to be Martha and Mary in one: we should do much service, and have much communion at the same time.  For this we need great grace.  It is easier to serve than to commune.”  For me, that is so true!  I love to serve, to be busy doing, creating, entertaining ideas and planning- LOVE IT!  I find it hard at times to sit and commune.  It is very beautiful how the Lord has been leading me, not out of guilt, not out of regret, but rather by His gentle Spirit speaking into me, reshaping my heart and priorities and especially love for being with Him.  When I am not spending time with Him, in whatever season I am in, in whatever ways I can give Him, I become the hamster running full of “feeling” overwhelmed.  But when I am being poured into by His Word & His voice throughout the day, then the peace & the ability to weigh what is important for that moment is so much clearer and desired.  It is true that Christ came to give us life abundant, and that when we are in Christ we are free indeed.  I am not perfect at this for sure, but I am thankful that Christ’s burden is light and He is showing me how He can handle mine infinitely better than I can!