Monday’s Menu Musings…

003for babies that is. What’s on the menu this week you asked? A whole lot of green stuff.  Let me introduce you to babyfood cubes. I gleaned my babyfood making expertise from this book and have used it for over 5 years now ever since Ashtyn was a baby, see? Isn’t she adorable?? 004

So if you are into making your own babyfood, it’s really easy. I steamed some broccoli threw it in the blender and added some purified water and poured it into some icecube trays.  Each individual cube is 1 oz. so I usually bag them into a serving sizes and throw them in the freezer (like 3 cubes is about 3 oz. which is usuallywhat Ellie eats at her age per mealtime). For some fruits and veggies this method definitely saves money. For others it does not – like more expensive produce such as blueberries, mangos etc.  I usually wait for those to go on sale and then stock up.  A couple of weeks ago Publix had Earth’s Best baby food for buy one get one free and we took advantage of that sale on certain foods that would be more expensive to buy and make (this is the case for us since we choose organic produce for our little ones).  And here’s a helpful tip we found to work for us when you have that “picky eater.” Sweet Ellie has had some tummy issues since starting solids and so we’ve had to change her diet which has included all of the yummy fruits that we usually wait to introduce after the veggies. So…when it came to trying the peas, she wasn’t impressed.  I pulled out my bag of tricks and simutaneously fed her a spoonful of pears (which she loves) and then a spoonful of peas, back to the pears, then the peas…you get the point and she had no problem eating the peas that way. Hey, it worked for us and here’s one happy baby to show for!

002Wow, I just realized how much Ashtyn and Ellie’s baby pictures look alike!