7 Months

Ellie has finally entered the world of tasting new foods.  So far she has had oatmeal, rice, prunes, banana’s and avacado’s and she seems to love them all.  She’s currently been enduring her 2nd cold in her small, little lifetime but still sleeps like a champ – napping in the morning and afternoon for 2-3 hours each and sleeping a solid 12 hours at night.  She rolls like crazy and has figured out how to roll over to her sisters when they are playing in order to grab their toys.  Boy is it going to be fun when she starts crawling,  look out world (and sisters for that matter!)  Oh, and we just adore her chub and rolls.  Kevin had to direct the girls away from the title Ellie was earning because of her chub – we didn’t think “fat baby” would sit well with her as a nickname when she gets older…


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