Mother’s Day Tribute

“I Once Knew A Lady”

I once knew a lady who wiped up many spills

And gave herself away when life threw at her many hills

I once knew a lady who would lay her life down

And wore a smile on her face when her days came crashing down

I once knew a lady who taught me how to smile

When circumstances told me I couldn’t walk another mile

I once knew a lady who never let a day go by

Without giving me to God so that my wings of faith could fly

I once knew a lady who grows more beautiful by the year

And laughs at days to come without a hint of worry or fear

I once knew a lady whom I still know to this day,

It’s an honor to call her my mom and I’de have it no other way.

-Tara Figgins

To My Mother Who Gave Of Herself Day By Day:

With Love And Forever Gratitude,  Tara


(“Her Children rise up and call her blessed” Proverbs 31:28)