Stats Are In

Ellie “checked out” well at her 6 month appointment today.  We are beyond grateful for a healthy baby.  On a side note and being into nutrition and all,  I had an extensive talk with our pediatrician (whom we love!) about introducing solids to infants.  I’ve always been sort of skeptical about introducing them too young and have weighed on the side of waiting.  I was young and un-informed when our first came along and did whatever I was told.  Now, I do alot more research and ask alot more questions while trying to still maintain the balance of trusting that God has placed us in the hands of wonderful doctors whose recommendations are in the best interest for my child.  That said,  our pediatrician explained beautifully that it’s best not to wait beyond 10 months (that being the high end limit) to introduce solid foods for many reasons but mainly due to studies and the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics.    He assured me that it is safe to place our confidence in the AAP because they love children and are continually studying what is best for them.  He also made a good point that the United States far surpasses any other country in its’ care for children.  OK enough said. Now for the stats and some WAY cute pictures of our chubby little bundle.

Weight- 15lbs   28%tile

Length- 24.5 inches  4.3%ile

Head Circumference- 16.5 inches  32%ile