6 Months!

Tomorrow we celebrate 6 months of life for our Ellie Joy who seems to just get cuter by the minute.  She’s rolling like a champ now and has found a new favorite position in her crib for naps.  She has her system down – scootches to the corner, rolls to the side and grabs the bumper and “snuggles” with it until she catches her zzzz’s.  She LOVES sleeping on her belly now that she can roll over and wakes up rosy cheeked. She’s starting to take to an adorable little blankie that was given to her by some sweet friends(who also happens to be her pediatrician!) when she was born.  I have to admit, I’m in love. Well…better said, WE are in love – all 4 of us with this new little person God has placed in our family.  As I make my rounds at night to kiss the girls goodnight and to kneel at their beds in prayer,  I feel so very blessed.   Having Ellie has made my heart swell with love so much more – I can hardly stand it.