Seems like I’m constantly creating around here –whether it’s crafts with the girls,  DIY projects around the house, gifts for others or cooking meals, there is always some kind of creativity fluttering around this household.  As in everything in life,  there needs to be a fine balance.  Creativity is a wonderful thing but let’s all be careful as wives and moms to not neglect our duties of serving our husbands and families.  Let’s not get too engulfed in projects that we forget about relationships.  Sticking the kids in front of a television set or letting them into the backyard all day so you can get something done is not worth it just to have another project to show for.  I’ve been guilty of this before and I am learning more and more these days what it means to give up more of myself ( I didn’t think there was even more left to give!) and to put my wants and desires to the side.  Does this mean that we can never cultivate the loves that God has placed in our hearts?  Absolutely not.  But it does mean that we must re-align our priorities for the season of life that God has placed us in.  We weren’t created as moms to be “super-mom.” We were created to depend on God making us more than a super-mom could have ever dreamed to be.

So, if you find the laundry is piling a little too high or the kids are extra cranky then usual or you haven’t had a real conversation with your husband in days then you might need to do a little tweaking.  Continue on in your creating but make sure that your husband and children know that they come first.

Here are some projects I’ve slowly been working on as I’ve been learning what the balance in our family looks like.  Simple and quick is key…


004  005 

A cheap top and shorts from target.  I added the monogram and a simple, chic white ruffle and voila! Instant boutique fashion for less than $10.




Another clearance ($2.98) target top that I added an appliqué to.  I used a flower template that I already had and put a cute button in the middle for added depth and detail.  I intentionally left the edges raw so when I washed it – it frayed a bit giving it, again, a cute boutique effect (FYI – only thicker, rougher fabrics work for this)



Did the same thing here to for Ellie to match her big sis’ on a onesie I already had



A fun little tote I made and monogrammed for a birthday gift for Ashtyn’s friend (did this for $4.00)


009 010

Put some fun trim on a pair of Jada’s capri’s to give them added spunk (cost:$1, time spent: a quick 5 minutes at the sewing machine)


012  013

A couple of more plain onesies I had around the house for Ellie that I prettied up.  I cut the owl out of a fabric I had and put layers of pink ruffles on the back of the onesie and used my leftover shabby chic fabric from making the girl’s duvet’s for a sweet and girly pink ruffle onesie for ell’s.  Both of these were so easy and took around 10-15 minutes a piece and I spent nothing using materials I already had.