We Bow To Jesus

imageWhile in room time this morning, Jada was singing at the top of her lungs “We bow to Jesus! We bow  to Jesus!” over and over and over again.  Trying to focus on preparing our homeschool materials, I tried to drown it out while reading my instructor’s manual.  After failing to “ignore” her singing,  the truth began to sink in as I listened to her sweet little voice.  She’s right,  we do bow to Jesus.  As Christians that’s what it’s all about.  Bowing to our Maker and not to ourselves.  Oh how in my selfishness I need to remember this truth today.  I have no idea where Jada learned that song but I’m guessing it was in Sunday School.  Wherever she learned it,  I’m glad I heard God’s whisper (or maybe more like a shout) to me today to make sure that, in my heart, I am bowing solely to Him.