Earth Day

image Earth day is coming up and as believers it should be something that we recognize.  God created this earth, and we have an obligation to “care” about this world in reverence and honor to our Creator.  In our home,  we do small things like use energy saving light bulbs,  recycle, use our own bags when shopping,  turn our hot water heater down to conserve energy, buy and sell second hand clothing, and make our own laundry detergent and household cleaners to reduce toxins in the environment as well as a handful of other things.  While there are no hard and fast rules about how to take care of the earth,  we hope this coming April 22 will serve as a reminder to you to ask God how you can be faithful to the world He’s given us.  We are continually looking at our lives and doing the same.  Our kids are watching too.  Kevin often picks up trash around our neighborhood and parks when we are out walking (believe me, we are famous down here for FANTA cans and Funion ring bags).  We’ve now noticed the girls doing the same.  When they see trash, they pick it up (and the germ-phobia in me rears its’ ugly head).  It’s the little things…

Also, take advantage of these Earth Day perks I came across:

Natural & Organic Grocery Sale – Save $15 and get a free Earthwise reusable shopping bag when you spend $59 or more on a huge eligible selection of natural and organic groceries including Newman’s Own, Kashi, and more! To take advantage of this offer add the Earthwise Grocery Shopping Bag to your cart and use the following promotional code when you check out: EARTH222. Check out the sale here! Of course, when you buy $25 or more you are eligible for free shipping as well!

TastyBaby – Save $20 when you spend $49 or more on eligible Tastybaby organic frozen baby food.

Sale runs through April 30, 2009. One little way to provide nutritious food and get a reusable grocery bag at the same time!

And also something fun for the kids and a way to teach them about Earth Day is join your local park for an Earth Day celebration. We will be headed over to Reed Creek park this Saturday for children’s crafts, nature walks, live animal demonstrations and more. Maybe we’ll see you there!