A Little Time Away

This past week we got to enjoy a few days at Kiawah Island.  I used to vacation here with my family and some good friends when I was a little girl so it was special to be able to go with my husband and girls (and their Mimi and Papa and Uncle Joe-Joe).

One thing we’ve learned about vacation is it’s not really “vacation” when you have little ones around.  We always leave exhausted and return exhausted but there is something addicting about getting away to a different location and doing life and our little routine somewhere fresh and new.  And despite the exhaustion,  it was so much fun.  Life is so simple when you only have 2 outfits to wear and you take long walks, eat good food, sleep in the same bedroom together and enjoy relationships rather than things.  That’s exactly what we did and the result was many precious memories that will last a lifetime.

015 018

Easter eggs with Mimi

017 016

019 020

023 024

025 026

Papa’s traditional Easter Bread                                    We made chick cake pops

029 030

Even if they were flatheaded, they were cute             Miles of bike trails…

031 034

Learning without training wheels

036 037

039 042

A little windy!

040 043

perfect for flying a kite                                               Puzzles on the porch

032 033

The view right outside the porch(not kidding, Kiawah is known for their big gators) and one angry alligator after Kevin threw  him some bread or, rather, threw some bread AT him