The Not-So-Good Friday

047 Today is Good Friday.  In many ways,  it was not-so-good.  It was our sin that put Jesus on the cross.  Imagine how thousands felt when they watched Jesus breathe his last.  For some, there was pure joy rooted from a selfish, unbelieving heart.  For others,  while their sin glared at them,  it was a tragic moment filled with sadness, sorrow and grief.  But it had to happen or else mankind would never have known a Savior, thus being “good”, the greatest good we will ever know in this life.

It is tradition in our home every Easter season to help our little ones understand Good Friday by creating the cross and the tomb and helping them to have a visual.  They are still so little and this seems to be such a simple, practical, “hands on” way for them to grasp just a tiny bit of this story come-to-life.  As they place there little hands across the sharp nail and bury the play-dough Jesus in the tomb, they stare with awe and wonder.  Jada even screamed out in tears (surprise, surprise) as we gently touched her hand to the nail.  It is our prayer, that God will awaken their little souls and that the memories of the deep meaning of Easter will be embedded in their memories and hearts.