Book Day

march-09-011We are in.  We have officially committed to accepting my title as teacher.  This coming Fall (and maybe even a bit sooner),  our oldest, Ashtyn Grace, will be my first official student.  We will be doing Kindergarten at home and our entire family couldn’t be more excited!  At times I think we are crazy because I was “one of those” that said I would never homeschool.  I feared the unknown and have to admit that I thought people that did that were just plain weird.  Boy did I have alot to learn and now I couldn’t be more confident outab our decision.  That’s why Kevin and I are going to dedicate the next couple of blog entries to how and why we came to the decision that homeschooling was best for us.  Stay tuned…

But, for now,  I’ve learned that “Book Day” is an official holiday for those that use the curriculum we have chosen.  When those boxes (all 39.4 pounds of them) arrive via FedEx, it’s a celebration (so we’ve been told.) And today confirmed that truth.  Everyone ran to the door when mr. FedEx actually hand delivered the heavy boxes into our living room for us. We ripped the boxes open and the girls squealed with delight over the stacks of books. I kid you not.  Kevin and I felt like kids all over again too.  The nifty little boxes that the books are delivered in, turn into castles that the kids can play in – and so that is how we spent the morning.  I organized the homeschool cabinet in our dining room while the girls played with their castle boxes and decorated them. At one point, they actually climbed in the boxes to read their newfound books.  I have to admit, I felt a little overwhelmed by the mass of material thinking “what in the world have we gotten ourselves into?” But after exploring a little more I began to imagine the school days to come and the delight it will be to learn all over again with my girls.  And what a privilege to get to be their teacher.  So, today, marks the very fist Book Day holiday in our house. I can’t guarantee how many more there will be to come, but I am sure glad we celebrated  today!