Bloggers Depression

OK so I think I’ve slipped into bloggers depression.  It’s a new term I made up for “I don’t have time to blog therefore I feel guilty and maybe I should give up blogging because I’m sure no one reads it anymore because I’m not writing anything.”  Life really is crazy with 3 kiddos and I’m an all-or-nothin’ kind of gal so I either focus on my family or I go blog-crazy and waste too much time posting stuff thinking I’m of importance to people. It’s actually comical what this blogging thing has done to me.  But, here I am blogging again mainly for the therapeutic effects it offers 🙂

Anyway, I’ve been a little side-tracked lately because we took a trip to my all-time favorite store and purchased a couple of inexpensive pieces of furniture for our home and, of course, it led to re-arranging practically the whole house again.  When you live in 1,500 square feet with a family of 5, you have to get really creative and that means changing things around alot to make them functional.  I will have to say though that we live in EVERY square foot of our house and have made every corner and every closet fully functional!  We got a new coffee table so here’s a look at our new set up: