februrary-09-013I have to admit, I’m tired. While I love this season in my life, there is no doubt that it is busy and just plain exhausting!  Sometimes the day zooms by and I ask myself “what did I even accomplish today?” and “why in the world am I so tired?” From the minute I wake up (or at least an hour from when I wake up), I am caring for someone else’s needs – 3 little mouths to feed, 3 little bodies that need bathing and dressing, and by the time we are all done dressing,  it’s time to eat again…the list goes on.  I just realized the other day that my next full-time job could be a manicurist (is that even a word?)  I literally cut 30 nails a week and 40 if I count my own! Wow.We moms are tired because we have  human beings that are completely dependent on us for their very living and being.  It’s encouraging to remember that God is responsible for my own living and being and that my strength isn’t dependent on me but on Him. And it’s also encouraging to remember that God is our rock and He never grows weary.  That’s how I’ve made it this far!

While I think being a mom is the best and most tiring job in the world,  we aren’t the only ones that get tired.  I remember being tired when I was single too.  Carolyn Mahaney reminds us that “As a single woman you are probably very busy. You may be in school, have a job, serve in the church, maintain relationships, care for family…whew! I’m tired just thinking about your hectic life.  But whether you feel like it or not, you have a distinct advantage over the mom with small children: your time is your own. Despite the many, legitimate, demands on your life, you have great freedom to choose how you spend your time.”

Truth is, we moms will one day return to these days of having time that will become our own.  Right now we do not have that freedom.  Whether single or not, in the young-child rearing age or living as empy-nesters, our exhaustion should ultimately come from serving the Lord.  Being tired is not a bad thing unless we are running around in circles to busy ourselves or serve ourselves.  Kingdom work is hard and exhausting so let’s find our rest in the Lord and run to Him when we think we can’t make it another day.

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28februrary-09-014