A Tribute To My Man

kevintarapicKevin and I are quickly rounding the corner of 7 years of marriage.  Sometimes the road has been bumpy but with each passing year it only gets better.  There are statistics out there that say that it takes at least 10 years for a couple to take their eyes off of themselves and look to eachother’s desires.  And there are more statistics that say that around year 7 or 8 of being married is when most people get divorced, if they are going to.  Ironically, most marriages end in divorce before that mark and people re-marry only to start the hard first years all over again. Thus begins the cycle once more.  Statistically speaking or not, Kevin and I love one another and we have made a covenant that won’t be broken.  Today I am reminded, while everyone else runs around drunk with love and obsessed with what gifts they are going to get for themselves, that real love pushes through the statistics and a marriage that is centered on the Lord can be gloriously wonderful and romantic.

I stumbled upon this letter I wrote to my sweetheart two years ago for our 5th anniversary.  I echo all of the same things again to you, Kevin because I love you more today than ever.

To My One and Only Love,

I can hardly believe that 5 years have gone by since our wedding day.  So much has happened in so little time.  5 years ago I made a covenant with you before God that I, Tara, take you, Kevin to be my husband to have and to hold from this day foward, for better or for worse, to love and to cherish, in sickness and in health as long as we both shall live.  These past 5 years have been filled with joy and failure, better and worse and how can I go on even one more day without giving you my forgiveness and admitting my own wrong?  It seems like we’ve gone through a season of learning from mistakes and strengthening our marriage through the healing balm of forgiveness.  So I want you to know – on this day that I choose to show you tenderheartedness and compassion for your mistakes and I thank you for showing me the same.  I look foward with great anticipation to what these next 5 years will bring.  Thank you for choosing me to be your bride, for your humble leadership in our marriage,  for teaching me what it means to forgive and for giving me grace to become a better woman.  When life gets tough,  I hope you know that I’m here to stay.  I’m committed to you and I want nothing less than an exciting,  joyful, romantic marriage.  We only get to do this once and I pray we do it well.

All my love,