Kashi Krazy

Kevin and I just returned from an incredible Acts 29 Church planting conference in Raleigh and, naturally, going away always produces more work than seems worth it. You have to pack yourself and the kids and then when you come home there is laundry and un-packing and of course a run to the grocery store. My grocery store run happened to be last night at 9:30pm because we had nothing in the fridge for the next morning (not a bad time to shop by the way because no one is there!). I was pleasantly surprised, however, to find Kevin and I’s FAVORITE quick-grab meal for an awesome price and so it made my late-night outing worth it. If you’ve never experienced the frozen Kashi entrees and pocket sandwiches, you ought to check them out. These things are incredible tasting and amazingly healthy and they are usually a bit on the expensive side (healthy eating always costs more anyway) but right now at your local Publix (or at least mine in North Augusta), they are a whopping 50% off and going for about $1.59 a piece. Our microwaveable favorites are the sweet and sour chicken and the black bean and mango entrees. You will laugh if you look in our freezer because I went a  little over-the-top with the Kashi meals. By the way, all of their other products are great too – cereal, granola bars, rice pilaf, waffles and even cookies. They know how to make great tasting healthy food and my girls love it too! We are having the Kashi pizza for dinner tomorrow night…can you tell we are a little krazy for Kashi?